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Turkey Time

Over the past week we have had our friends make turkey feathers for our turkey. This is a great language activity to try at home.

Supplies: (printables are on the right side of the page)

Paper you can make your own or print ours

markers, crayon, or paint



feathers, noddles, pompoms, google eyes, sand, or glitter

When making your turkey you can use this time to ask your child questions to help improve language, and vocabulary skills.

Giving your child wait time can also improve language skills. A good rule of thumb is 15-30 seconds of wait time before asking again. Some kids will need more some will need less.

Labeling items for toddlers helps to improve language and vocabulary skills. May times I find myself and other asking our children " do you want this?" and pointing. Try adding the name of the item in to your question " do you want the marker?"

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