Nicole and I have decided to close our office until March 27, 2020 at this time we will reassess the situation.

When we reopen we may adjust our schedule. Upon reopening we will contact you with our current schedule.

We are looking into teletherapy, to help bridge the gap over the next few weeks.

Teletherapy is not usually covered by insurance, however the government is putting in place new regulations that may apply to us.

We will discuss who is eligible for teletherapy and reach out to you if we are able to offer this to you.

Teletherapy is 100% new to us, and will definitely have to learn it with you if it becomes a possibility.

If Teletherapy become an option will contact the family’s that are eligible to participate.

We will continue to run credit cards on our regular schedule. However, if you need to make a change to your payment schedule please contact us.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page we will be posting at home activities.

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