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Winter Wonderland

With the freezing temperatures outside, we have decided to bring the winter wonderland indoors. Below you can find a youtube video on how to make FAKE SNOW that is COLD, and can be used to build Snowmen, igloos, and so much more.



1/2 cup White Conditioner

3 1/4 cup Baking Soda

Tray (optional)

Spoon (hands also work)

Any props you think of for your winter wonder land.

During this activity I like to talk about the opposites: hot/cold, dry/wet , in/out, stop/go, and dirty/clean.

Wet/Dry: As you are mixing your ingredients you can talk about how one ingredient is wet and the other is dry. You can also extend the activity to talk about other wet and dry things you can find during the winter.

Stop/Go: This is one of my favorites when mixing the ingredients you can play a simple game of stop and go. I like to take turns with the kids so everyone gets to say stop and go.

Hot/Cold: Once you have mixed your snow the snow will feel slightly cold, giving you the opportunity to talk about the difference between summer and winter temperatures.

In/Out: As you are mixing your ingredients you can talk about putting the spoon (hand) in the bowl to mix the ingredients than taking the spoon out when you are done. Once you have started playing with the snow you can use in/out as your build your snow man. ( " should we put his arms in? or take them out?)

Dirty/Clean: When cleaning your hands talk about how they are dirty but after washing them they are clean. This is something that you can do every time you wash your hands. To extend dirty/clean you can use it as an example when cleaning other things (dishis, room, clothing...)

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